Army Group Sponsorships

As a Non-Profit Organisation, the SA Army Foundation does not distribute surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead we use them to help pursue our goals to the benefit of our Members, including Sponsorships and Charity Projects.

Education, Wellbeing and Quality of Life are the three main pillars of the SA Army Foundation’s CSI efforts. Since 2011, the SA Army Foundation has prioritised these initiatives, embarking on a series of CSI projects which have grown into full scale programmes. These include educational sponsorships by means of rewards and incentives to best performing students as well as training and study equipment for the various training colleges within the SANDF.  A push to encourage the use of technology for study and training support has seen the SA Army Foundation sponsoring Tablets with free Data for two years to students and trainers for courses and as achievement awards. An ongoing sponsorship to the Military Academy’s Outstanding Military Student of the Year is an example of the SA Army Foundation’s desire to promote the importance of study, knowledge and personal development.

In addition to this, the SA Army Foundation also supports and sponsors various sporting codes and competitions within the SANDF, from unit competitions to national championships and beyond.

Other sponsorship areas include cultural events and activities, catering competitions, formation and unit anniversaries as well as Charities within the SANDF environment.

The SA Army Foundation also manages the funds of C SANDF for his charities and sponsorships.

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