Rainbow Holiday Club

(Member of the Club Leisure Group)

The Club provides members with a unique monthly savings opportunity to ensure that they have enough funds available when they want to go on holiday. The member’s monthly *savings accumulates in their own Vacation Fund until they are ready to go on holiday and then it is as easy as deciding where to go and book. Remember, the more you save, the better your holiday options!

*Not an interest bearing account

The Club provides the following four options: (T&C Apply)
  • Silver: R121.00 savings per month
  • Gold: R181.50 savings per month
  • Platinum: R302.51 savings per month
  • Club 60: No savings per month, holidays on a pay-as-you-go basis (Automatic Option)
Membership Category - Member Rates



Monthly Annual

Administration Fee

(including VAT)






Club 60 Automatic Option        
Silver R6.05 R114.95 R121.00 R1 379.40 R1 452.00
Gold R9.08 R172.42 R181.50 R2 069.04 R2 178.00
Platinum R15.13 R287.38 R302.51 R3 448.56 R3 630.12
For more information visit the Rainbow Holiday Club website at http://www.rainbowholidayclub.co.za/ or
Alternatively you can  sms 'holiday' to 45963 or contact your SA Army Foundation Branch @ (012) 675 9415