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Value Added Products and Benefits

To access the benefits you must contact the 24 hour Call Centre on 0861 113 630 in the first instance


Comprehensive Legal Assistance Services

Your Army Foundation membership entitles you and your immediate family access to unlimited 24 hour telephonic Legal Advice, and Legal Services up to a value of R50 000 per case limited to R80 000 per year

This service also gives you access to standard Wills & Testaments which can be downloaded and uploaded on the SA Army Foundation website. Take me there


The SA ARMY FOUNDATION has no existing relationship with Accelera as purported on their company website.

The SA Army Foundation wishes to inform its members that we are in no way associated with Accelera and condemn mention of our organization on the said company website.

We wish to inform our members that any business that members choose to conduct with this company is at their sole discretion and the SA Army Foundation will not be held  liable for any consequences experienced.

Members opting to seek services from Accelera do so with the understanding that the company is NOT in any agreement with the SA Army Foundation as a service provider.


Emergency Ambulance Service

Emergency Ambulance Transportation in the case of a life threatening 
medical emergency


Trauma Counselling

24 Hour telephonic Trauma Counselling, and when necessary, face-to-face 
Trauma Counselling Sessions limited to R5 000 in value per year


HIV/Aids Information & Advice Line

Including an Accidental Exposure Benefit - within the first 5 hours of potential exposure.


Lifestyle Savings

Great savings on groceries, toiletries, household goods, and more redeemable at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor and Shoprite Liquor!  You can also access the discount coupons via:  


Mobi Site     or      Dial  *120*1980#

Get access for you and 2 family members. Send an SMS with your 2 family members cellphone numbers 
and ID numbers to 31239