St Lucia, KZN
GPS Coordinates
28°22'34.5"S, 32° 24'45.0"E
A two bedroom apartment.
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Tariffs for all 2 (Two) bedroom self catering units

Tariff Grouping Weekend
Fri:16.00 - Mon: 10.00
Mid Week
Mon:16.00 - Fri: 10.00
Full Week
Fri:16.00 - Fri: 10.00
Uniform: Pte - Capt
Non Uniform: Salary Level 1-8
Pensioners:60 and Over
R1 950.00 R1 768.00 R2 632.00
Uniform: WO1/Maj - Gen
Non Uniform: Salary Level 9-16
R2 374.00 R2 300.00 R3 330.00
Non Members R4 364.00 R4 234.00 R6 279.00

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